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Access Control Solutions

We can design and install an access control solution that allows people get to where they are needed at the right times, while also preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas.

Protect yourself with biometric systems that provides more accurate identification, lowering your risk of unwanted breaches.
Control entry access with the use of access cards/tags.
using A.I,Facial recognition access eliminates the need to carry keys with you all the time. The technology simply scans your face and opens every locked door in your way.
If you want certain vehicles to have access to your site this is a perfect solution for you. The system basically scans license plates and grants access to vehicles you want.
We offer digital intrecom systems that are equiped with camera systems and access control functionalities built in.
This solution allows you to open boom gates, doors and gates without any physical contact. The system can be set up to use facial recognition or just body movement.
Fencing along a property's perimeter is a means for preventing access along its boundary or perimeter..

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